Trailblazer Tavern


Main Dining Room

Rating 6/10

I’m kicking off this food review section of my website with a random recent restaurant visit, Michael Mina’s fairly-brand-new Trailblazer Tavern, a Hawaiian restaurant in San Francisco, located in one of the Salesforce buildings. The format and layout of these reviews will no doubt change with time. Here’s a first stab at it…

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Front Seating

Rating 7/10

A simpler review today since I don’t have a lot of photos and didn’t try the food at Obispo. This is a new rum-focused bar+restaurant from Thad Vogler of Bar Agricole, and one that has been in the works for some 5 years, if you can believe it.

I generally try to give a place a couple of months to sort out the kinks before I visit. I figure that’s likely to give me the best and most representative experience. But a couple of friends wanted to try Obispo for a meet-up in early January, shortly after the opening in December 2018. So I broke my rule, and in general I’m glad I did.

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Dealer’s Choice #2 – The Reboozening

Recently I held the second iteration of an improv cocktail event I created, which I’m currently calling “Dealer’s Choice”. People come to my house and I make them random drinks based on ideas I’ve had in mind or have been playing with. I had a couple of infusions made from backyard herbs, rose geranium, lemon-balm, fig+dill vermouth, and had also procured some candy caps which were fun to play with. Continue reading “Dealer’s Choice #2 – The Reboozening”

The Ignorant Tourist

I’ve decided I’m going to attempt to write some travel-related posts here. I recently went on a couple of trips and found myself running into all kinds of things I wish I’d known before I went, or was fascinated to learn along the way, and some of it seemed worth sharing. So I’m hoping to combine sort of specific, destination-oriented “travel tips” with “interesting/weird facts about” type of stuff. We’ll see how it works out. Continue reading “The Ignorant Tourist”