Value in the many paths to a “personal wiki”

A few weeks ago I talked about discovering Notion as the latest in a nearly life-long pursuit of the ideal personal information management tool. I’ve discussed in brief some of the info I use these systems for, both in that article, and over the years in-person with people. But I’ve never felt like I had a really good way to show people how useful and powerful it is for me, without directly showing them my own structure. But, since there is a lot of personal info scattered throughout my systems, I’ve also often been reluctant to really share with that level of specifics and detail.

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If You’ve Got the Notion

How I Found Notion, i.e. The Endless Road to the Perfect PIM

In the Beginning

My dad was a programmer and as a result an early adopter of a lot of technology, from the first Mac and IBM/Tandy computers, to early public Internet access. When I was growing up he used a Personal Information Manager (PIM, a term that seems to have fallen out of favor somewhat) called AskSam to keep track of most of the important information in his life. So as I moved through my early years of adulthood I found myself wanting a similar central repository for all my info. Somehow it was only recently that I realized where this desire may have come from.

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