Derek Sivers‘ “Now Page” movement really makes a lot of sense to me. So here’s mine, updated mostly weekly. Last update 4/15/19. For details, check out the latest entry in my “Now Blorg“.

Experimenting with a new format this week, and comments now available below. Let me know what you think!

Work and Entrepreneurship

  • A fundamental shift in my priorities, now focusing more on what’s next for “structured” work rather than entrepreneurship
  • I will still pursue projects in my spare time and be open to more
  • Continuing to listen through the archives of The Foundation Podcast , to my surprise I really enjoyed Julie Arora’s episode recently
  • I’m using my “personal cards” where and when I can, fairly satisfied with the first run
  • Began listening to Roger Dawson’s classic The Secrets of Power Negotiating on audio book (he reads it) – highly recommended!
  • Still thinking about some projects, the restaurant careers database, clear ice products, and more
  • Get in touch if you’re interested in collaborating
  • Building-out my communications ecosystem (including this website!), and starting to set up a newsletter
  • I have negotiated a long-overdue raise and some percentage-based additional income
  • Working on some new marketing tactics and structure to try to raise revenue beyond past peaks
  • Now finalizing a new benchmark for Terragen 4
  • Testing new adaptive sampling and ray-traced preview changes

Real Estate
  • Coordinating with new broker for Marin properties, pricing, strategy
  • Reaching out to city of San Rafael for details as-needed

Life Design, Productivity, and Optimizing

Life Design (personal coaching)
  • My coaching process seems to be transitioning into more immediate and task-based work, where previously it was more issue-based (e.g. procrastination)
  • Continuing to develop heuristics and processes for managing and relating to projects and tasks, and ultimately completing them; the “procrastination heuristic” is particularly interesting in its effects

  • I started using Notion at last, and I’m loving it! Just for recipes at the moment, but looking forward to more.
  • I’ve begun reviewing old personal logs, beginning in 2011, and finding a lot of value in it
  • Still using quite a lot and in some (but not all) cases it’s a notable improvement for me over a standard audio recording
  • Continuing to feel limited by ToDoist, but finding it overwhelming to even test, much less switch to another system at the moment. Working on a plan for that.

Cocktailing, Photography, and Other Hobbies

  • I recently had the inspiration to create a Holi (Indian festival) themed cocktail, with colored, edible powders over the top. Experiments so far are very promising!
  • Trying Shaker and Spoon again, the Vermouth box I got most recently was actually rather good, perhaps because it departs from their typical formula
  • Also waiting to source some ingredients so I can try a few recipes I recently ran across, one of which uses an exciting new acquisition: Feijoa brandy
  • I started making kefir water from a SCOBY my aunt gave me. Not sure this fits exactly in cocktailing, but I hope to use them there, so close enough
Photography and Art
  • I returned from the “super bloom” down in Southern California a little while ago, and now working on sorting and editing the ~500 photos I took
  • Trying to put together a photo post summarizing all my birthday outings and whatnot, it was a packed month!
  • I haven’t done anything serious with the tea art project for a while, but I did make a somewhat pretty impromptu tea imprint with my friend Sonia a few weeks ago
  • Still trying to find time to dive into my sand sorting project!
  • I’m super excited about my plant world! Top of my list is that my beautiful sundew is making numerous mini-sundews, so now I can give them away! 3x given to friends so far, and 3 of my family members wanted one too. ❤
  • This past week I sprouted and planted a whole bunch of new things. Okra, carrots, lettuce leaf (giant!) basil, purple basil, green beans, and more
  • We also released ladybugs into the garden to deal with a growing aphid problem
  • Still waiting to plant my newly-acquired Hardy Kiwi (Issai), need to clear out an old vine first

Reading, Listening, and Watching


  • I recently re-discovered Flock of Dimes, aka Jenn Wasner, founding member of Wye Oak. Check out Everything is Happening Today.
  • As I mentioned above I’m also listening to “The Secrets of Power Negotiation” in audio book, and so far it’s very good
  • Like every other person in the world I am watching GoT. I spent the last month or so catching up with a friend, but she’s on a trip now so I’m being a good friend and waiting for her return to watch Ep 1 of Season 8!
  • I saw Captain Marvel, thought it was decent. More excited for End Game.
  • Looking forward to seeing Missing Link even though its getting a lukewarm reception (there’s Terragen in it!)

Travel, Adventure, Fitness, and Health

Travel and Adventure
  • I did a few great trips for my birthday in March, short and not-so-short (to Anza Borrego for the super bloom with my mom)
  • April is mellow, focused on home and visiting and helping family in Fresno a few times
  • Planning for upcoming trips to Utah’s Canyonlands, Yosemite, Yuba-area camping, and potentially Hawaii in early summer

Fitness and Health
  • I finally started using a kettlebell. I bought it some years ago and it’s just 15lb, which feels too light (and that seems to match advice online), so I’m looking at something more like 15kg, i.e. ~35lb.
  • Lifting a basic 20lb dumbell semi-regularly has given me noticeable bicep gains
  • I feel like I’ve been slacking a bit in other areas though
  • My intermittent fasting practice (nominally 5:2) is down to 1 day a week, if that, and though I’m not really gaining wait, I think I feel the effects

Personal and the Rest

  • I had an amazing 40th birthday month in March
  • My Grandpa, meanwhile, just turned 100! And still going strong.
  • I began planning a project to document my family in stories, photographs, and the like. I want to capture my grandparents’ memories while I still can, but likewise for the rest of us too.

The Rest
  • I got a Nest thermostat and began using it. Oddly enough the original goal was to help me wake up in the morning, which it seems to be doing!
  • I also got 3 Google Home Mini’s ($25/each!). So far a mixed bag, but overall I’m glad I have them.
  • Finally, in an apparently big month of purchases, I got an “open box” Aeron chair. Mixed feelings so far.

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