The Ignorant Tourist

I’ve decided I’m going to attempt to write some travel-related posts here. I recently went on a couple of trips and found myself running into all kinds of things I wish I’d known before I went, or was fascinated to learn along the way, and some of it seemed worth sharing. So I’m hoping to combine sort of specific, destination-oriented “travel tips” with “interesting/weird facts about” type of stuff. We’ll see how it works out.

I’m calling this The Ignorant Tourist because I’m frankly not very good at researching a place before I go. I certainly try, and sometimes I learn a lot, but inevitably I forget, and unless I actually explicitly plan things out, I tend to fumble my way around a lot, at least at first. So essentially I’m often going in a bit clueless, and by the end of the trip I want to go right back and “do it right”. Hopefully my post-trip ramblings can serve as a useful reference for others heading to the same areas (and to myself when I inevitably return to some of these places).

Now before I go, to all 1 of my readers I ask you this: don’t let me get away with not posting anything for 6 months. I have 3 recent trips I could talk about, all of which could yield useful and/or amusing information. But I am also fundamentally lazy (and, yes, busy). So feel free to poke me, prod me, berate me, etc. to get me to do as I am promising.

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